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As if this year could get any better, my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby girl in May!  After seeing blue for so long now, I’m excited that we will be adding a little pink to the family… and my parents are getting their first grandson and granddaughter in the same year.  Baby girl is either currently nameless or her parents are doing a good job keeping it under wraps, so no southern monogrammed items will be headed their way.  When someone is having a baby I think it is the single most appropriate time to send a gift card, so I’ll be sending an Amazon e-gift card.  That way the parents can prioritize what they need and stack them up for the big ticket items that may otherwise go unpurchased.  I like to be super practical when gift giving to prospective parents since my own recent experience has shown me that you can never have enough burp cloths or diapers… but if you are looking to dress up that practicality a bit, consider curating a few of your favorite things in a pretty gift box.  You can mix in some useful items (think wipes or pacifiers) with that super cute outfit you couldn’t help but purchase at that swanky baby boutique.  Below are some of the items I chose to include in the box I’ll be shipping out tomorrow (sadly we won’t be making the shower in Massachusetts since we aren’t quite comfortable traveling with the baby yet).

In the back corner is a gift we received from my mother-in-law for Harrison.  It’s a small canvas that comes with a stamp pad so you can stamp your baby’s foot.  We did it a few weeks ago for Harrison and have it displayed in the nursery.  It is so sweet!

On the baby shower invite, children’s books were requested, so I included my absolute favorite story for little girls.  Who doesn’t love a spunky, mischievous red-head?  Madeline is a  must have in any girl’s library and it sets you apart from all the Goodnight Moons.

The Halo swaddle was a life-saver for us when we came home from the hospital.  Ours was a fleece one and a little too warm for our Louisiana climate, but this one is better for all seasons.  It was a  miracle worker and he didn’t wriggle out of this one.

I also included a breast-feeding/carseat cover.  We use ours all the time, especially since Harrison wants to eat 24/7.  It’s really easy to just toss it on and feed him in a restaurant and then put him back in the carrier and cover him up from curious (cough*germ-infested*cough) onlookers.  It can’t hurt to have more than one of these!  I will even use it at home on the couch if I know we are expecting visitors, so keeping one stashed in your car or diaper bag and having one handy at home is a great idea.

The Nose Frida snot sucker was one of the first gifts we received when we found out we were expecting.  It works so well at clearing congestion from your little one.  We definitely made use of it when Harrison had RSV.  It’s one of those things that helps you feel a little less helpless when trying to comfort your baby.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the only diaper rash cream I will ever use.  Before I gave up dairy (still don’t officially know if it is the culprit), Harrison was having really loose, and I’m guessing really acidic stools.  The result was a horrendous diaper rash where his hiney was rough and even bleeding specks of blood.  I was so upset because NOTHING else was working.  Nick’s family recommended Boudreaux’s and I started using it religiously.  The rash cleared up within TWO DAYS.  Literally.  I was amazed and so, so relieved.  I didn’t know if you could get this outside of Louisiana, or at least how common it was, so I decided to include a tube in the box.

Lasinoh lanolin cream is great if you’re breast feeding and starting to get a little sore.  I don’t have a Lasinoh pump, but I have used almost all of their other pumping/ breast feeding accessories and everything is top notch.  I’m sure the pump is great too, but I went with the Medela since that’s what everyone recommended.  The disposable breast pads, breast milk storage bags, and pumping bra are all great items to have.

I also included an emergency pack (that I’ll hereby call Jack’s pack for my brother).  I know women are great at having fully stocked diaper bags, but even I forget an item or two sometimes.  I highly recommend tossing one of these in your car and dad’s car so you’re never caught empty handed.  I included wipes, head-to-toe wipes for those explosive moments or when spit up soaks the hair and onsie, an extra onsie, some disposable breast pads (for those leaky times!), a couple of diapers, and extra zip locks to store the dirty onsie and diaper.

Pack it up nicely and finish off with a bow!  I’m sad I won’t be able to ship the tulips with it… they added such a nice touch!  But I suppose I’ll just be able to keep them in my kitchen now 🙂


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